Factory Direct Eco-Kits

Delivered to You…

Within a Few Weeks!!!


Planning and Designing

1 day to 2 weeks

Signed Set of Engineered Stamped Plan

7 to 10 business days

Permit Approval

4 to 6 weeks. Contact your local planning department for timeline

Building Delivery

*Please Check for Current Build Times

Building Construction

Always much faster than a traditional “stick-built” structure

Our DIY Lightweight Building Kits Include

Engineered Framing System

Engineered Framing System

Our metal building kits include complete structural engineering.This engineering will include the foundation slab, piers, and any other requirements for your steel building design.

No Load Bearing Interior Walls

No Load Bearing Interior Walls

This rigid frame design is engineered to eliminate the need interior load bearing walls. This allows you maximum flexibility to arrange your steel framed kit any way you like

Strong Lightweight Steel

Strong Lightweight Steel

Our galvanized steel framing system is lightweight, mold resistant, hurricane resistant, fire resistant, & easy to insulate

Door/Window Frames

Door/Window Frames

All openings are pre-engineered & cut to sizes easily found at your local home improvement store. Thus, saving you tons of time & money.

Everything to Assemble

Everything to Assemble

We included everything you will need to assemble your kit Including all structural bolts. braces, painted screws, and sealants for assembly

The Complete Package

The Complete Package

We include everything to enclose the exterior shell & roof. Wall framing,roof framing, and all exterior metal for both the roof and exterior
* EXCEPT the actual windows and doors

Choosing to build a Steel Framed Barndominium, Off-Grid Cabin, Custom 3 Car Garage with an Apartment Loft, Granny Flat/ADU/Casita, or any other building engineered by Arizona Barndominiums has a number of benefits over traditional residential buildings. First, our representatives will work with you to create just the right building envelope, look, and feel to make your building beautiful and completely custom. Our buildings are pre-cut and pre-drilled and include extensive assembly instructions. No welding is required, and you can choose to erect your building yourself or hire a trusted local contractor to take on the job. With our Steel Eco-Structures, the interior space can be divided in any way required, giving you complete control over the floor plan of your new affordable building.

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