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A construction-to-permanent loan offers a seamless financing solution that covers both the building of your home and its transition to permanent financing once construction is complete. This efficient option means just one closing, one set of closing costs, and the opportunity to lock in your interest rate early on.

Recognizing that your situation might be distinct, our construction-to-permanent loan is designed to be adaptable and accommodates your specific needs, allowing you to:


Finance Your New Lot Purchase and the Home Construction


Finance the Construction of the New Steel Home on Land You Already Own


Purchase an Existing Home, Demolish It, and Rebuild a New Steel Home


Save time and money

Financing the lot and the construction through a single loan that automatically transitions to permanent financing upon completion of your home saves both time and money. This streamlined approach involves just one process and one set of closing costs.


Locked interest rate and terms upfront provide peace of mind

By locking in the interest rate at closing, you can precisely determine your principal and interest payments once your home is completed. We provide construction terms ranging from 12 to 18 months. You have the flexibility to tailor the duration you need after consulting with your builder.


Lower interest-only payments during the construction phase

During the construction phase, you only pay interest on the funds disbursed for your project, helping to keep costs manageable. As construction progresses and your builder reaches new milestones, both the interest and the amount disbursed will increase accordingly.


Simple draw process including a dedicated Northpointe team to assist

Your builder will submit draw requests from your construction loan to fund work already completed on your project. The committed construction team swiftly processes these requests, performs inspections, and validates titles to maintain the timely progress of your project.